Wednesday noon beach break

Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

It’s been a long week. I can’t go to a beach like this anytime soon, so I’ll just gaze at this picture instead. It was Bing’s wallpaper last Friday.

Wednesday Noon: a small opening in the day



Your abysmal fatigue.
Is it causing your cognitive drift?
Or is it cognitive surplus?

Is the root cause of your emotional anemia
good distress?
Or bad distress?
Is there really a difference?
The grocery stores seem to think so.

No matter.
Snoopy says Happiness is a good long nap .
The noon bell has you headed for your car.
A small opening in the day.
Calgon can’t take you away from today’s cray cray,
but this little car nap will take you far.



Photo: mennyfox55

Wednesday noon art break: sunflower reminder

I’m posting this to remind myself that the sunflowers at Pope Farm Park in Middleton should be in full bloom in the next couple of weeks.


Artwork by Painted Works by KB


Wednesday noon art break: trees and cows


The best part of July 4th for me is always the Monona Art Fair in the Park. This year I purchased the above print from Tania Richley for my cubicle at work. It came with this quote:

Look to the Earth
And to the Skies
For in that which can be seen Without
Can true knowledge come
Of unseen mysteries that lie Within
To you who would be wise.

~ Kenneth Meadows

I know hump day is all about the camel, but I can’t resist posting this cow photo of hers. There is something gentle and soothing about cows. Somewhat ironically, my most frequent exposure to mooing cows was not when I lived in rural Stoughton, but during my senior year of college at UW-Madison when I lived in an apartment on Old University Avenue. The barn with the cows was across the way and I loved hearing the cows moo. It’s a good de-stressor.


Wednesday noon art break

Whew, the week is half over. It happened more quickly than I expected. Time for an art break:

cape cod

Artist: Bill Revill

Setting: Cape Cod. Having lived on the North Shore of Boston for four years back in the day I enjoy ocean scenery like this.

Wednesday noon art break


Vincent van Gogh, The Green Parrot, 1886


Vincent van Gogh, Wheatfield with Crows, 1890

Source: I Require Art