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As much as I like Wisconsin cheese, if you use shredded cheddar cheese on your tacos, may I suggest that you stop that right now and go to Super Tienda Latina grocery store on 6005 Monona Drive and get some Mexican white cheese?

Family members from out of town were here recently and one of them informed me that Mexican white cheese is the proper cheese for tacos. She and my oldest daughter made a big batch of tacos for a family feast a week ago and she insisted we go to Super Tienda Latina to get the white cheese.

It also comes in a string cheese version which, apparently, is the best version to use for enchiladas.

I don’t much care to eat the white cheese all by itself. Farmer John’s cheese at the Monona farmer’s market is still the best cheese to eat by the slice.

If you’re not into cheese, Super Tienda Latina sells Coca Cola in glass bottles with sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. Those sure hit the spot on humid days like the ones we’ve been having.

Another cheater caught…

These days when so many people are being caught cheating it reminds me of my own indiscretions. I have been caught cheating–in the kitchen.

While preparing a large meal with a short amount of time available for it recently I used cupcakes bought at a store. I was reminded of times in the past when I have cheated in the kitchen.

The first time was several years ago when my parents came for a surprise visit. My mother told me over the phone that she was bringing a friend she wanted to impress. She had told her all about how well I was doing as a stay-at-home father. I had five young kids at home, two with special needs. In a panic, I put the kids into the three-seat stroller and rushed to the store. Upon arriving home, minutes before they arrived, I put a store bought apple pie into the oven to make the place smell inviting.

As they arrived my mother went on and on about how I prepared things from scratch. When the pie came out of the oven everyone was pleased—but the family friend pulled me aside to tell me about the time she was caught passing off a store bought pie as her own. I was busted.

Another time my parents were visiting while I had a house filled with sick kids. I took a shortcut making chicken pot pie that night for dinner, using a store bought pie crust. In my hurry I left the paper that lined the two crusts together in the pan. My parents ate it without a word, paper and all. When I realized what I had done the truth came out, despite their being ‘polite’ about it.

Here in Monona we have a local business that will help us cheat. KEN’S MEAT MARKET on Monona Drive not only offers the perfect meals but will put them into pots, pans and dishes customers bring in to pass off as their own for last minute gatherings or school obligations.

Cheating does not give the satisfaction that the real thing does. There is no substitute for that. But for those times when we find the line needs to blur a bit it’s nice to have a helping hand. A friend right here in town. From time to time, I have been grateful for a little help in this area along the way.