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Friday Fun: Goldfinch Selfie



Photo: Bob Hundt, Wisconsin Birding Facebook Group


opus dance


Source: Berkeley Breathed

T.G.I.F.: As the crow flies


After a busy week, and five meetings already this morning, with one more to go, I finally feel I can kick back and start coasting along like this crow. I like how smart crows are and they’ve become one of my favorite birds in recent years.


Photo: Phoo Chan

T.G.I.F: “Silliness suddenly seems safe now”


Bloom County is back!

“Deadlines and dead-tree media took the fun out of a daily craft that was only meant to be fun,” Mr. Breathed said. “I had planned to return to Bloom County in 2001, but the sullied air sucked the oxygen from my kind of whimsy. Bush and Cheney’s fake war dropped it for a decade like a bullet to the head. But silliness suddenly seems safe now. Trump’s merely a sparkling symptom of a renewed national ridiculousness. We’re back baby.”

Mr. Breathed said he planned to continue publishing new “Bloom County” strips online rather than in print newspapers.

“I’ll publish on Facebook, as that’s where my old school readers can reach me,” he said. “I want to hear from them — hear how my characters played a role in their lives — hear how they might still. Those of us lucky enough to be granted such a role should thank our fans daily…. The return of Opus and the old gang is my way.

He added: “Newspapers need deadlines, alas. Like my departed friend Douglas Adams used to say, the only part of deadlines I enjoyed was the whooshing sound as they sped by.

-Berkelely Breathed as quoted in the New York Times.

TGIF! But hold the books

Definitely the effect reading has on me on Fridays after a long work week:

<p>G-G the book - G-G on Facebook - G-G on Twitter </p>

Fortunately Saturday’s coming.

Source: Garfield Minus Garfield

TGIF! Elephants swaying to classical music

Saturday Morning: Orange is the New Black hangover

OITNBOrange is the New Black
Season 3 debut yesterday.
Are we watching OITNB tonight?
Of course we are
OITNB is even more fun with a friend.
She makes us gin and tonics.
I bring white corn tortilla chips.
Ready for a binge on all fronts.

Episode 1: Mother’s Day Visit

Alex is back!
Not as much Piper.
The series is still fresh and funny.
Flashbacks for a half dozen characters.
Pennasatucky creates a makeshift grave for her half dozen aborted children.
Prompting Boo to discuss insights with her from the book Freakonomics.
Funny line:
I hate kids. You know, they don’t drink, they haven’t traveled.

Episode 2: “Bed Bugs and Beyond”
Bed bug infestation.
Everyone goes around in plastic bags, paper gowns, or skivvies.
Alex line:
A smile is like tight underwear. It lifts your cheeks.
Red line:
Nice is for cowards and Democrats.
Alex and Piper fight;
Telling the truth causes conflict,
Not telling the truth causes conflict.
Mary Steenburgern makes a cameo appearance.
Bennett finally gets a flashback…
And a painful flash forward.

Episode 3: “Empathy is a boner killer”
Funny title.
My favorite episode so far.
Especially liked Taystee and Poussey’s burned book eulogy and memorial service.
And scattering of the book ashes.
Alex and Piper do improv
Red makes a badass marriage therapist.
Nicky calls herself “a bloodhound for oblivion.
Luschek tells Nicky:
That’s why you women ended up in prison. ‘Cause you suck at crime.

It’s midnight.
Binge is over for now.
No trouble falling asleep after getting home.
Wake up briefly during bird happy hour.
Northern cardinals and house wrens have so much to say.
I let them carry on,
Too tired to listen.
Fall back asleep.

Photo credit: New York Times

Friday Fun

It’s not a TGIF this Friday because I’m on staycation. It’s back to the office on Monday, when I will be refreshed and hopefully channeling some of the spirit of Peggy of Mad Men:


TGIF! The crows think so too

This morning I woke up to the sound of crows cawing over and over again during bird happy hour. I guess they were happy it’s Friday too. I finally went out to ask one of the crows what was going on but he didn’t dignify me with a response and flew away. Oh well. In celebration of TGIF here’s my favorite crow video – the crow is using a lid to sled down a roof:

Mother’s Day Shower

TrophyMomBridal and baby showers are all well and good. But it occurs to me that there is a glaring oversight in the shower industry: we need empty nest showers for mothers. The shower could occur on the first Mother’s Day following the youngest child’s departure from home.

There is more of a need to stock up after they leave home than when they are babies.

Here is a list of items the kids use almost constantly, and therefore I can almost never find when I need to use them (your list will vary, of course, especially if you have sons, which I don’t):

  • Scissors.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Pencils that don’t have orange or yellow lead. Normal pencils can never be found. Orange or yellow pencils can always be found because you can’t see what you’re writing when you use them, so they are useless.
  • Pens. There is light at the end of the tunnel for this one because I have started taking the kids to UW Bookstore a few times per year. You can buy individual pens there and test them out in the store. Passing on my pen addiction to them is one of my great joys as a mother. They love picking out their own pens and now don’t borrow mine as often. Whew.
  • Cloth napkins – when the kids were younger they were appropriated for all manner of uses, such as blankets for dolls.
  • Measuring tape – this was usually pressed into service as a leash for stuffed animals. Currently my daughter’s pet rabbit loves to chew it if he can get near it.
  • Hand trowel for gardening. When we had a sandbox these tended to get borrowed for sand play…and buried and never found again.
  • Computer paper.
  • Cell phone charger. In addition to constant borrowing pet rabbits love to chew these too. Argh.
  • Ponytail holder and bobby pins.
  • Tissues (especially travel size packets).
  • Lip balm.

This list is substantial enough that one of my ongoing fantasies as a parent is the surprise appearance of an overflowing box of all of the above items someday. When my imagination is really getting carried away I envision what it would be like to walk around my house during the course of the day and find each of these items in the exact spot where I last left them. A mother can dream.


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