A day or two after Prince died, and the color purple was suddenly the “in” color, the purple creeping Charlie in our yard fully bloomed. What a fitting tribute. It’s also proof you shouldn’t mess with nature. So when a lawn care salesperson came to the door a few days later I said, “No thanks, I like the weeds!” with more confidence than ever before. I now have all the justification I need to not feel bad about refusing to spray weedkiller on the yard now that it’s an ongoing tribute to the Mozart of our generation.

I only wanted to one time to see you laughing

Deer Grove Vet (IN STORY) - 300 x 250 - CD HI

I only wanted to see you

Laughing in the purple weeds

I’m laughing alright. The creeping Charlie and wild violets in the yard don’t grow as quickly or as tall as grass. Less mowing required. And when I do mow, the smell of the violets and the purple lilacs is almost intoxicating. During times of drought, there aren’t so many brown patches in the yard, because the weeds have deeper roots than grass and can remain purple and green.

I only wanted to be some kind of friend

Baby, I could never steal you from another

It’s such a shame our friendship had to end

Speaking of friendship, that reminds me of the purple irises by our mailbox and in the back yard. We acquired the ancestors of these bulbs from the family of a high school friend way back when I was in high school. The friendship ended, but the purple lives on.

Honey, I know, I know

I know times are changing

It’s time we all reach out

For something new, that means you, too

I’ll take that into consideration. Maybe I’ll get some purple petunias from the Monona Farmers’ Market this weekend instead of the usual pink.

May Sarton once wrote: “The garden is where my madness lies, and is a more useful madness than drunkenness or a tantrum.”

I’ll have to take her word for it. I’ve tried, but it’s clear my useful madness lies in areas other than gardening. But, hey, at least I have a purple thumb.

This Humor Me column originally appeared in the Herald-Independent on June 2, 2016.

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