“She used to think she needed to know things to be the mother. How to fix things, make everything better. And she couldn’t, she just didn’t know how. She felt sometimes not like a mother but like an older sister with an impatient streak. But one weekend, when her oldest daughter was afraid she was losing her baby, she spoke to her son-in-law on the telephone. Shyly she asked him, “Do you think I should come?’

‘My wife needs her mother,’ said her son-in-law, and in that second she understood all at once and forever everything she needed to know. And she got on the bus directly and went out to their house and she sat by her daughter’s bed and held her hand. She stayed in the room until her daughter fell asleep and she was there when her daughter woke. She is grateful forever to him for saying the right thing at the right moment because her life changed right there on that dime.”

Quote from Safekeeping: Some True Stories from a Life.

The above painting is of me when I was in labor during the home birth of my youngest daughter. My oldest daughter took the photo and my friend Chili Dogma was so taken with it that she created this painting, for which I am ever grateful.

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