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Its arrival every spring is as dependable as the sighting of spring birds and blooming daffodils: The utterance of “I refuse to turn on the air conditioning this soon.” I overheard someone say this when I was out and about during the recent April weekend of 80-plus degree temps and considered that the official first day of spring.

I wonder if our ancestors 100-plus years ago were similarly stoic during spring heat waves. “Son, I know it’s hot as blazes, but you can’t swim in the mud hole today. It’s too soon. Why, just two nights ago, we made a fire because it was so cold!”

Speaking of stoicism, stoic philosophy is all the rage right now among Silicon Valley types. But, really, there’s no need for these folks to read the ancient writings of Marcus Aurelius and Seneca the Younger when they could just visit Wisconsin during a spring heat wave or in the middle of the winter.

I have no qualms about using air conditioning in April, so on Saturday, I embarked on my own form of spring stoicism: coaxing a daughter to go to the Aldo Leopold meadow with me. When children reach a certain age, it takes persuasion to get them to agree to such an outing. I sheepishly admit that getting iced beverages from Starbucks beforehand was involved, even though it was rather oxymoronic to walk around a meadow carrying a Starbucks cup. I happily discovered, however, that when the wind blows through the top of an empty plastic Starbucks cup it sounds just like a loon.

“We’ll only stay for 15 minutes,” I announced as we stepped into the meadow. Almost immediately, it was as if we were in a playful nature scene from a Sunday Calvin & Hobbes cartoon. She became transfixed by a huge tree in a marshy area and figured out a way to walk on sticks to get to it, undeterred by how wet her Converse shoes and jeans were getting. Then she had the opportunity to experience exposure therapy when maneuvering past bees that normally frighten her. I binge-watched the baby geese as she explored all the wooden docks. 107 minutes later, we left, with plans made to visit the meadow regularly to monitor the changes in flora and fauna as the season progresses.

It’s entirely possible I turned on the air conditioning during the drive home, but I will neither confirm nor deny.

This Humor Me column originally appeared in the Herald-Independent on April 28, 2016.

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