Seven of my eight work hours today were spent in front of four spreadsheets. I designed four dashboards to, well, take the pressure off the four people who will be using them, so they can find the numbers they need more quickly. Plus it’s payday, which took some pressure off too. Appropriately, songs from the upcoming Duran Duran album were the soundtrack for this and it was “Pressure Off” that I played the most. I love that Janelle Monae is one of the vocalists (but she’s not in the above video, alas).  I like that this band still has that 1980s energy – oh how I loved their Rio album in high school in the 1980s – and this kept my toes tapping all day today:

It’s up to you now
It’s time to take the pressure off


I’m lost, don’t wanna be found
I’m up and not gonna be down
Outside looking in on myself
Just me, I couldn’t be anyone else
Is it bad when you’re feeling this good?

I sure hope not.

Are we all misunderstood?


It’s fine, going out of my mind
Going out of my mind, going out of my mind

I was going out of my mind when figuring out how to create an Excel formula to calculate the average of numbers in non-consecutive cells. But not for long, because I asked Google for help and it eventually gave me an answer. Whew.

Swimming with the rat race
Or running against the tide
It’s everybody’s business when there’s nowhere to hide

Coincidentally this was my first full day in my new desk in our new open layout where there’s nowhere to hide. Yet it was my most productive day in a long time, probably because I was…


I’m looking forward to when the full album is available on September 11.

Step out into the future


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