On Saturday afternoon I was pleasantly startled by the sight of nuns jogging in full nun apparel on the streets of Monona.

These must be the nuns that now live by Immaculate Heart of Mary Church; one of my daughters met them recently.

This sight immediately brought to mind the theory of “benign violation” in humor, whereby something is funny because it is outside the bounds of what we normally expect.

It also brought to mind a recent New York Times article about how a convent in New Jersey has succeeded in attracting several college-educated Millennials:

With all the technology, I think they’re just saturated,” she said of the curious. “And they see this life as really radical and they have a desire for it. Maybe their families are fractured and they see our life as really stable. Of course, people come to it from all different places. One of the friars told me his novice master decided to become a friar because friars had their own bedrooms and he hated sharing a room with his brothers at home. That is why he came, but it’s not why he stayed. If God is calling, you can’t be happy doing anything else.



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