10Morning drop offs at school can be a bit exasperating at times. However, the next time I’m tempted to get impatient when a parent holds up the line by gazing overly long at their child as the child walks into the building  (“Please park and walk your child in!” I always mutter to myself), I will try to keep this in mind:

Martin says she recently heard from a friend in the fashion industry who had taken a rare trip to the Upper East Side. “He saw this phalanx of black Escalades parked three feet deep,” she says, “and these super-fashionable women posing and walking and he was like, ‘Oh, my God, something’s going on at Fashion Week that I don’t know about — what is this?’ It was school drop-off.”

Suddenly our school drop off, with its modest vehicles and lack of fashion and posing, seems very appealing.


Quote from New York Post regarding the book Primates of Park Avenue: A Memoir

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