Friday morning.
A day off from work!
65 degrees.
Pollen count: 4.5
Time for a lagoon walk.

Cardigan weather.
Even though it’s late August.
Once again a season’s boundaries have collapsed.
And let cooler weather barge in.

I hope to see at least see the Great Blue Heron.
Just ducks.
And I hear the “chip” of a Cardinal.

I approach the Dream Park where kids are playing.
Where I logged many, many hours when my kids were younger.
I’ll gladly let others take their turn.
And remain by the lagoon shore where it’s quiet.

Except not.
Followed by a splash.

I look in the water.
Was it a fish?
Did a branch fall in?
A muskrat?
A drowning squirrel?*
Can’t tell.

Raindrops fall.
Should I continue to the library to return a book?
Or head home so as to not get wet?
Library it is.
And the rain stops.

Walking back home.
A father and two sons bike past me.
Dad: Did you want to stay?
Boy: No, I wish it was more fun.

He doesn’t know yet,
The real fun is at the lagoon.
Not the Dream Park.

Have to hustle now.
Clock is ticking.
If I used wearable tech
I would check:

Steps walked
Miles walked
Calories burned
But that would be a good walk spoiled.

Lunch at Cuco’s Mexican restaurant awaits with two daughters.
I slide into the car exactly on time.
Cardigan off.



*This column in the recent edition of the Herald-Independent states that a local resident takes a DIY approach to squirrel control by drowning them.

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