“One of my prayers is to have a view of a tree as I die.

I’m always super sensitive to and feel a special affinity to trees and though I am still mourning the loss of “my” pepper tree in Silver Lake, since then I have been graced with a eucalyptus tree, several birds-of-paradise, and now olive trees, fan palms, and bougainvillea.

Lying in bed reading the other afternoon, I looked out the sliders and noticed the profound beauty, the breathtaking vulnerability of a spray of overhanging grapefruit-tree leaves.

You could make a whole life out of watching the light filter through leaves, the gentle flutter of leaves in the breeze, Christ’s ‘I am the vine, you are the branches.'”

– Heather King, from her Frames blog post

Photo credit: Photo © David Whyte July 2014: Summer Light: Arnecliffe Church Yard, Yorkshire.

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