4035625826_df8488e93e_o“God’s utterance is heard from the burning bush, telling Moses to take off his shoes. ‘You are standing on holy ground,’ the voice insists. I have always been compelled by the immensity of this biblical image and have long thought that Moses’ revelation was not the immediate shock of hearing God’s voice from the bush but the moment he looked down and realized not only that he stood in God’s presence but that he had been standing in that presence all of his life. Every step of his life had been on holy ground. The outlaw from Egypt was an outlaw because he had always felt the call of a higher legislation. […]

In a sense, at crucial and difficult thresholds in our life, the part of us that is most at home is the part of us that for most of the time has no home at all. The part of us that lives outside the normal rules. If we have no familiarity with this outlaw portion of ourselves in the normality of the everyday, then it can be very difficult to bring it to the fore when in the raw times of difficult change it is most needed.”

– David Whyte, Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity

Photo credit: Marlene Evatt-Ansley on Flickr

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