Saturday afternoon.
Corner of East Washington and Stoughton Road.
Traffic light is out.
I’m in the long line of cars waiting to turn right. Sigh. 

The rain is pouring,
I watch as it beats down on the traffic cop’s bald head.
His smile is brighter and stands out even more than
His neon yellow vest.
You can tell that even if offered a poncho and hat
He would decline.
Stuck alone to direct traffic at this busiest of intersections, his movements almost look like dancing.

Finally it’s our turn to go.
He gestures wildly, waving us on as if we were kids
Waiting to get into Disneyland.
Blowing a whistle none of us can hear.
A living example of don’t follow your passion,
let it follow you instead.


Photo: Nataraj Hauser

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