OITNBOrange is the New Black
Season 3 debut yesterday.
Are we watching OITNB tonight?
Of course we are
OITNB is even more fun with a friend.
She makes us gin and tonics.
I bring white corn tortilla chips.
Ready for a binge on all fronts.

Episode 1: Mother’s Day Visit

Alex is back!
Not as much Piper.
The series is still fresh and funny.
Flashbacks for a half dozen characters.
Pennasatucky creates a makeshift grave for her half dozen aborted children.
Prompting Boo to discuss insights with her from the book Freakonomics.
Funny line:
I hate kids. You know, they don’t drink, they haven’t traveled.

Episode 2: “Bed Bugs and Beyond”
Bed bug infestation.
Everyone goes around in plastic bags, paper gowns, or skivvies.
Alex line:
A smile is like tight underwear. It lifts your cheeks.
Red line:
Nice is for cowards and Democrats.
Alex and Piper fight;
Telling the truth causes conflict,
Not telling the truth causes conflict.
Mary Steenburgern makes a cameo appearance.
Bennett finally gets a flashback…
And a painful flash forward.

Episode 3: “Empathy is a boner killer”
Funny title.
My favorite episode so far.
Especially liked Taystee and Poussey’s burned book eulogy and memorial service.
And scattering of the book ashes.
Alex and Piper do improv
Red makes a badass marriage therapist.
Nicky calls herself “a bloodhound for oblivion.
Luschek tells Nicky:
That’s why you women ended up in prison. ‘Cause you suck at crime.

It’s midnight.
Binge is over for now.
No trouble falling asleep after getting home.
Wake up briefly during bird happy hour.
Northern cardinals and house wrens have so much to say.
I let them carry on,
Too tired to listen.
Fall back asleep.

Photo credit: New York Times

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