Happy New Year, Monona!

After a long absence it feels great to return to this page with the start of 2012. These past months I have been busy writing fiction. It will be nice to turn an eye back to Monona.

With the encouragement of many, sparked by Anita Ashland, I put out an ebook last spring– under my writing name T. Patrick Mulroe, Jr. on Amazon. ‘Sand Between the Toes’ did better than I ever anticipated a Beach Read might, finding enough readers to encourage me to do a sequel late last summer. By the Christmas Holidays I had put out five ebooks, with two due out in early 2012. In addition, I wrote a novel-in stories called ‘Christmas Eve. With You’ on facebook in December–writing several stories each day from December 1st through Christmas Eve–an experience that made me look with awe at both Charles Dickens and the writers of the daily soap opera seen on television. Readers seemed to enjoy the ‘free’ stories that formed a book. At the start of the new year I have begun ‘Sunday Dinner’–also free on Facebook. It runs weekly.

Anita has held the fort down these past few months. How lovely, against our current winter landscape, her photos of a trip to a field of sunflowers last summer seem now. At the time I fell in love with them. As we embark upon January they seem like medicine for the soul!

All the Best in 2012 Monona!

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