By this point in the summer I’m always on the lookout for interesting local activities to take the kids too that are free or very low cost.

I found out about Pope Farm Park in Middleton from Joleen’s photo blog (she’s a local blogger who posts photos of birds). There’s a huge sunflower field there and I spontaneously decided to go there on Monday, even though the heat index was 99 and the car available to me at the time has a broken A/C.

My oldest daughter took the photos (you can click on each one to see larger version):

There is also a huge wildflower field and a corn field.  The farm is on a hill and you can see Lake Mendota in the distance. One of my favorite things about  living in Monona is that you have easy access to countryside like this.

Pope Farm Park is on Old Sauk Road, two miles west of the Beltline. I highly recommend it. The sunflowers will probably be at their peak in a week or so.

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