The loss of Ellie this spring has been an abrupt reminder that there is more than meets the eye to most lives. Each summer Ellie was known for singing Frank Sinatra tunes while wearing splendid outfits in front of the Town Hall in Provincetown, MA. Ellie pulled a wagon with a sign that read 72 years of living my dream the first time we really took notice. Over the years the number on the sign changed.

This spring Ellie passed away, leaving a silence in Provincetown that will forever be known. In memory of Ellie THE FRONT PORCH TIMES will serve as a means of getting to know the many aspects of Monona residents…because there is always more than meets the eye to most lives lived.

Suggestions of local persons readers would like to know about, or know about, are welcome.

There’s more to a life than meets the eye. We were always encouraged to live our dreams by Ellie during our visits to P-Town.

Here’s a video tribute to Ellie:

Ellie December 1, 1931 – April 7, 2011 | local Obituaries

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