I’ve been a UW Credit Union member for 18 years and go to the Monona credit union at least a few times a week. If I’m within the Monona city limits, but not in my house, then it’s extremely likely I’m at Copps, the library or the credit union.

So I was very concerned when I first heard the news on Wednesday of a possible shooting in the drive thru.

When I eventually read about the heroics of the teller (from this article) it reaffirmed for me why I’ve been a member for the credit union for so long:

The bank teller recognized the man as a regular customer and knew something wasn’t right.

“Are you OK?” the 24-year-old teller mouthed to the 63-year-old man through the drive-thru glass at UW Credit Union on Wednesday afternoon.

No, he indicated wordlessly, he wasn’t OK.

So the teller stalled the transaction, calmly asked a manager to call 911 and filibustered until police arrived.

If she hadn’t done so, Monona Police Chief Walter Ostrenga said, “who knows what would have happened?”

Thank you to this teller and all the UW Credit Union employees in Monona.

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