In September I had the opportunity to become quite acquainted with the folks at Computer Repair Pros on Monona Drive.

My 1.5 year old craptop laptop died and, unfortunately, they told me it could not be repaired. They bought it from me for parts.

Of course it almost goes without saying that right after losing this laptop, another laptop in our home came down with a virus and I had to schlep back to Computer Repair Pros.

Tom at Computer Repair Pros gave me some advice about how to extend the life of a craptop laptop, so I thought I’d pass that on:

* Clean the fan with an air compressor every three months or so.

* Use a cooling pad or laptop stand with a built-in fan. This prevents overheating (which is apparently what did my laptop in).

* Close the lid before moving the laptop to another location. The hard drive has moving parts so if the computer is in motion while your computer is on this can wear out the hard drive over time. If you have a laptop with a solid state drive you don’t have to worry about this, but only the expensive models have that.

* Run the defragmentation sequence once a week if you use your computer a lot.

He also said that Sony and Toshiba make the best laptops and they rarely have to service those brands. We’ve owned a Toshia laptop for three years and I can vouch that it is not a craptop. My new laptop is a Toshiba.

Although I never like it when I’m faced with a computer tech problem we can’t solve at home on our own, I’m glad to have a fast and reliable computer repair place right here in Monona.  At Computer Repair pros I’ve paid  $39-99 range for the types of services I’ve needed over the years, and they usually have it fixed within 24-48 hours.

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