Remind me that I can’t complain!  No matter what happens, bad weather or not. 

  I always complain about the weather.  Too much snow in the winter.  The spring was too cold.  Summer was beyond WET. 

This autumn Monona has been graced with a long stretch of beautiful weather.  Perfect days that have seemed to be endless made up September and October.  We have been so gifted this season that I have come to expect views like this of the lagoon each morning– a mix of autumn colors, rising sun and misty fog from a slight frost. 

    It won’t be long.  I will bemoan a wet weekend or comment that it is so cold.  Who knew it would get cold in autumn in Wisconsin?  I KNOW I will complain about the snow as I shovel it, after the magic of the first one is gone.  That moment will come very quickly for me, I am afraid.  I will complain.  No matter what happens from this point on remind that I can’t complain because Mother Nature has given Monona a perfect autumn this year.

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