It wasn’t until last Thursday that I walked around the perimeter of the lagoon at Winnequah Park for the first time. Even though I’ve lived only 2/10 of a mile or so from the lagoon for 11 years. And there’s even a rain garden back there I hadn’t noticed before.

I’ve only enjoyed the Healy Lane side of the lagoon all these years because, I dunno, I guess I thought the land on the other side of it belonged to the homeowners because it looks private and there isn’t signage or clear trail markings. Or I never saw anyone walking back there and never considered that was something one could do. Or I was too busy focusing on my children all these years so I simply never had time to think much about the lagoon (first blame the children, I always say 😉 ).

Now that all four kids are in school I can pay more attention to these matters. I greatly enjoy my new routine of walking on the other side of the lagoon because it’s like looking at a different body of water entirely. I also like the great blue herons and, dare I say it, the geese. Although the public bench on that side had an unfortunate preponderance of goose excrement on and around it today so I was unable to sit and read there. Next time I’ll have to bring cleaning solution with me.

All of which is to say that it’s always a treat to discover something new and special right in one’s community.

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