The last month or so I’ve avoided driving down Nichols Road and Monona Drive.


When you take the same routes all the time you stop seeing things.

As a result of avoiding these main drags, I’ve discovered Monona streets I had never driven down before even though I’ve lived here 11 years, like Parkway Drive, and the one-way stretch of Shore Acres near Rubin’s.

I’ve noticed interesting windows, doors (there’s an orange front door I especially like) decorations and landscaping I had never seen before even though they are only a mile or two from my house.

Sometimes I’ve cheated and taken Nichols to Monona Drive to get to the high school because it feels faster, even though it takes exactly as long to take the back way.

Other times I forget to turn off Monona Drive at Winnequah Road and accidentally drive all the way to Nichols. But I went to get better at remembering to take the long way home (and, yes, that Supertramp song is going through my head now 😉 ).

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