It’s time for me to leave Wisconsin. Last night I dreamt about snowfences. When you are dreaming about snowfencing in August it is time to leave Wisconsin.

All around me people are gathered in excited groups over autumn and winter. They can’t wait to put on sweaters and boots. What fun it will be when the leaves change colors. Some even are anxious for that dirty word–snow.

I am not part of these groups. The dream about the snowfence was a nightmare that I had forgotten to put one up before the ground froze, leaving me doomed to a season of fighting drifts in sub-zero temps. Such panic it caused me. The thought that, no matter how many nice things like warm cookies and chats around the fireplace, the mean season had found me not prepared was too much.

When I woke up it was August. Wonderful August when the days are warm and long still. A once-a-week mow is all that is needed to maintain the property this time of year. The pool is still open. School has not begun yet. Wonderful, wonderful August!

But it still lingers in me. When I start dreaming, with dread, about snowfences in August it is time to leave Wisconsin. Time to flee to warmer temps somewhere far from Monona. But that isn’t the life I live yet. All I can do is possibly make reservations for somewhere nice and warm in December or January–or sit back and enjoy all the great things Monona has to offer right now, while it is still August.

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