On Sunday afternoon two of the three ATM machines at UW Credit Union were out of cash and I did my part to help empty them. So that’s one indication the Monona July 4th festival was a success.

We showed up right when the carnival opened on Friday afternoon, which is my favorite time to go, as it’s not crowded then.

It sounds like the IHM fish fry on Friday night was a success. I helped make the coleslaw for it so I got a glimpse of the extraordinary work involved in such an endeavor.

The high point for me was the art fair on Sunday afternoon.

I loved photographer Cassius Callender’s photos. Especially this one of Lake Monona taken on a foggy morning shortly after sunrise on August 14, 2008:

His prints are reasonably priced and I intend to order one of that photo. There’s free delivery to Madison area residents. Be sure to check out his Flickr photos too.

I also admired Steven Raiser’s photos. Unfortunately his website link doesn’t work so I can’t show you his photos. We purchased a magnet of his photo of the two sandhill cranes. I was especially taken with his photos of fall leaves. And of koala bears (he’s from Australia).

The biggest coup was stumbling across the aprons at the Apron Gallery booth. My oldest daughter love to cook so we purchased one of the full length aprons in a retro print. The Apron Gallery will soon have a booth at the Madison Craft & Gift Shop on Monona Drive.

Another high point was watching my youngest daughter (age 6) ride the Hurricane and Round Up (G Force) for the first time ever with one of her big sisters. She had a delightful time and wanted to ride the Round Up again and again and again. Next year we’ll have to take her on wrist band day so she can do that.

And, of course, there’s the requisite pile of huge inflatable toys from the carnival games. It always amazes me how these inflatable things last for months and months, whereas a $50 toy would break much more quickly than that.

Going to the fireworks always makes me glad that I live so close to the park. It looked like the threat of rain kept a lot of people away from the fireworks show. It was a good time and, as always, the fireworks kept going off in the neighborhood well into the night, but somehow I got to sleep, so I could rest up to work the next day and replenish some of the cash I drained from the UW Credit Union ATM machine over the weekend.

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