When you have to go to a pharmacy several times per month to pick up prescriptions, it sure helps if the pharmacists are kind, quick to help and always remember your name. And offer free delivery too.

Such is the case with the Medicine Shoppe in Monona.

As much as I like our doctors – especially my daughters’ pediatric endocrinologist – the pharmacists at the Medicine Shoppe deserve a lot of credit too. ┬áHaving a disease that requires ongoing medication isn’t fun and can be lonely at times, so it’s ever so helpful to have pharmacists who care as part of your support team.

When one of my daughters was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few years ago, that was stressful enough. But then add to that the negative side effects she had to our insurance company’s preferred brand of insulin, and that company’s insistence that we pay close to full price for the insulin she didn’t react to, and I was on the verge of a meltdown.

One of the pharmacists at the Medicine Shoppe stepped into the gap for us and spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone with the insurance company to help me figure out what to do. It eventually got resolved and I was very grateful that he ran this interference for me.

I don’t mean to overlook Walgreens in Monona. There have been times when, say, an insulin bottle has shattered and we needed a replacement immediately but Medicine Shoppe was closed. Walgreens came to the rescue.

Walgreens is also the place I go to at least once a week when I need to quick pick up an everyday item like a greeting card, Claritin, school supplies and, most importantly… coconut M&M’s.

And if you ever have the pleasure of having Donna H. as a checkout clerk, it will be an awesome transaction. She adds that extra human touch that makes you walk away with a smile. Because she’s so nice you may even find yourself taking her up on her offer to buy two Butterfinger candy bars for $1 even if you don’t like Butterfingers.

Walgreens and Medicine Shoppe cover lots of bases. I’m glad we don’t have to manage our health without them.

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