As much as I like Wisconsin cheese, if you use shredded cheddar cheese on your tacos, may I suggest that you stop that right now and go to Super Tienda Latina grocery store on 6005 Monona Drive and get some Mexican white cheese?

Family members from out of town were here recently and one of them informed me that Mexican white cheese is the proper cheese for tacos. She and my oldest daughter made a big batch of tacos for a family feast a week ago and she insisted we go to Super Tienda Latina to get the white cheese.

It also comes in a string cheese version which, apparently, is the best version to use for enchiladas.

I don’t much care to eat the white cheese all by itself. Farmer John’s cheese at the Monona farmer’s market is still the best cheese to eat by the slice.

If you’re not into cheese, Super Tienda Latina sells Coca Cola in glass bottles with sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. Those sure hit the spot on humid days like the ones we’ve been having.

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