This means that in addition to surviving having the children home during the summer I must also come up with Ways To Avoid Going To The Pool.

Oh, I do take my youngest kids to the pool sometimes. But not as often as they beg me too.

I think it’s great Monona has a pool but I’m just not a pool person. I don’t like to swim and the pool experience in general can be summarized as follows: TMI.

I activated step 1 of Ways To Avoid Going To The Pool a couple of days ago by buying a fun sprinkler for them that shoots water in different directions.

Last year a Slip N Slide served in this capacity but, as to be expected, they lost interest in a couple of weeks.

Trips to a park or Aldo Leopold Nature Center (if it’s not too hot), trips to the library or Monona Bait & Ice Cream (if it’s too hot) also work as Ways To Avoid Going To The Pool.

Getting popsicles from Copps is occasionally effective.

Piles of books and Little House on the Prairie YouTube videos suffice as well.

Getting one of their big sisters to take them to the pool for me is the most glorious of the options but, sadly, it rarely happens. In my more desperate moments I offer to pay them a babysitting fee to take them to the pool.

Now that I think of it, the Ways To Avoid Going To The Pool activities make up most of our summer fun. So it’s a good thing I don’t like going to the pool.

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