Last Saturday my youngest daughters begged to go to the pool.

So I did the sensible thing and suggested a trip to Schluter park and Monona Bait & Ice Cream instead.

Sitting on a bench and gazing at a body of water that isn’t surrounded by concrete and throngs of people worked for me. The kids played happily and worked up an appetite for a treat. Eventually we made our way across the street to Monona Bait & Ice Cream.

Did you know they have Coke there in glass bottles… Coke made with real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup? Aaaahhh.

I also had the pleasure of introducing my eight-year-old to Pop Rocks candy, which was one of my favorite candies as a kid. My daughter had never heard of it before and found it as delightful as I once did.

We also discovered that Tootsie Pops now come in new flavors, like blueberry, banana and pomegranate in neon colored wrappers. This was news to me. I stuck with the traditional cherry flavor.

I ordered french fries for myself and didn’t mind waiting ten minutes for them because there was a nice breeze on the porch.

And, oh yeah. They serve ice cream there. Just in case you forgot. 😉 One daughter had blue moon, another had chocolate.

All in all not a bad way to avoid the pool.

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