As much as I like the Memorial Day parade in Monona, especially seeing the war veterans…

The vintage cars…

My kids joyfully collecting candy…

And Tammy Baldwin sashaying down Monona Drive…if you didn’t know what the word “sashay” meant, all you’d have to do is look at how Tammy walks diagonally during the parade and you’d see sashaying in action:

Tammy Baldwin at Monona Memorial Day Parade 2010

As pleasant as all these things are, one can’t help but think about how there is still a war going on.

There are 5480 markers in Olbrich Park right now, through June 5, in honor of those who have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

It’s too easy to overlook the statistic of 5486 fallen soldiers, but this sobering Memorial Mile helps us remember their sacrifice.

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