Dear Mama Duck and Papa Duck,

Thank you for spending all of Saturday in our backyard.

Every spring a pair of ducks spends time in our backyard for a day or two and my youngest daughters were delighted that you chose to be our duck guests this year.

I especially want to thank you for helping me see our sandbox with new eyes. It’s always full of water because the kids never remember to put the top back on it and it always makes me frustrated to look at that.

But the girls were so delighted when they saw mama duck swimming in the sandbox on Saturday! It turns out our sandbox is an accidental duck pond. Pretty cool.

I was not permitted to go into the backyard and mow while you were here. This gave me some much-needed rest, so thank you for that. We noticed that the long grass gave you a cozy place to sleep on Saturday night.

There was much excited conversation about mama duck’s condition on Saturday. “Look at how she waddles! She’s fatter than papa duck! I bet she will lay eggs here!” I hope the bird food they delivered to you at regular intervals was satisfactory. You were the highlight of their day.¬†Even PBS Kids or Little House on the Prairie episodes on YouTube wouldn’t have pulled them away.

One of my daughters read out loud to both of you on Saturday and it brought back memories of how this daughter sang our duck guests to sleep one evening a few years ago. She woke up in the morning and ran to the window and was overcome with joy that the ducks were still sleeping in that same spot. This memory made me misty-eyed. Thank you for that as well.

Another memory: one year, on Easter, a pair of ducks crossed Winnequah Road to get to our yard. Mama duck was hit by a car and my oldest daughters (who were young then) were heartbroken and we delivered mama duck to the animal hospital. They were unable to save her.

So please be careful out there!

The white-throated sparrows did not visit Monona this year like they do every spring. I’ve not seen the Baltimore Orioles yet (they arrive in early May) and am anxious for their arrival. So thank you for being reliable and maintaining your annual tradition with us.

We really hope you enjoyed your visit here. Please feel free to visit again any time.

Kindest Regards,

The Ashland Family

P. S. My youngest daughter just said, “I really wish mama duck had lay her eggs here.” I know you view our backyard as a bed and breakfast rather than a home, but if you ever want to bring your babies here for a visit, she’d be thrilled.

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