One day last summer I was sitting in the front yard working on a writing project on my netbook while my youngest daughter played in the yard.

A woman walked past, smiled, and handed my daughter a menu.

It was a menu for Taste of China on Monona Drive (next to Blockbuster).

I confess I had never noticed Taste of China before even though I’ve driven that stretch of Monona Drive hundreds of times.

I liked that the woman was willing to walk the streets of Monona and hand out menus. She didn’t make a sales pitch, didn’t have a flyer announcing a limited term offer… she just quietly handed out menus. So I ordered takeout from Taste of China that evening.

I’ve since ordered takeout from there many times. It’s now the only place I go for Chinese takeout.

It appears to be a family business (sometimes there are two adorable little boys there playing or using the laptop) and I see that same woman there cooking almost every time. They are hardworking and friendly so I keep going back. The food is decent too. Give them a call at 224-0017. They also deliver.

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