I never would have expected I’d be writing a post about Elvis today, but last week The Isthmus published a cool article about little-known spots in Madison.

I decided to visit each of the east side ones (and maybe some of the others) and write a post about each. And maybe follow that up with a series on little-known Monona spots too.

Yesterday I went to visit the “Elvis Presley Fight Scene” marker at the site on the northwest corner of Hwy 51 and East Washington.  It marks the spot where Elvis, who was wearing a powder blue jumpsuit, hopped out of a limousine on June 23, 1977 to stop a fight at a gas station. He assumed a karate stance and said, “I’ll take you on.”

Elvis Presley Fight Scene marker in Madison, WI

He was in town for a concert. His first concert in Madison was the previous fall. It’s interesting that it took him so long to give a concert here, and then he did two concerts in less than a year. Here’s a review of that June 1977 concert.

I’m not an Elvis fan – I was only 11 years old when died. Although I vividly recall feeling sad while hearing the news of his death on the radio, my childhood memories of him are as an overweight man in jumpsuits who was way past his prime. He seemed old, even though he was only 42 when he died… a year younger than I am now. Yikes.

Elvis’s last concert was in Indianapolis, just two days after this Madison concert. He died 50 days later. He was in shockingly poor health in his final months but it’s nice to know he still had a little bit of fight in him near the end.

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