Tonight I had an epiphany…

Order takeout burgers from Red Robin!

I’m embarrassed to say that in all these years I’ve forgotten about Red Robin’s takeout option until now.

That means you can get their delicious burgers without having to sit in their loud restaurant.

Now, may I introduce you to Red Robin’s lettuce wrap burger?

Red Robin is the only restaurant in the area that offers lettuce wraps for burgers. I have to follow a gluten-free diet for health reasons so their lettuce wrap burgers are a special treat.

Plus, this is a good option for you, too, if you ever want a burger but don’t want to feel as full afterwards. Or want extra room for their steak fries or onion ring tower.

I’ve asked other restaurants if they have lettuce wraps and they always look at me as if they can’t understand what I’m talking about.

Then I’ll ask, “Do you at least have some lettuce leaves I can use to make my own wrap?”

The answer is always something like, “Lettuce LEAVES? Hahaha! What, do you think we have a vegetable garden back there? Girlie, the best we can do is shredded lettuce.”

OK, they don’t use that exact wording. :-) But being told shredded lettuce is your best option makes it feel like that’s what they said.

Also, not every Red Robin offers the lettuce wrap option anymore. But Monona’s still does.

This is just one more way in which Monona is special.

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