This time of year I like to imagine what it would be like if everyone let their yards turn purple like mine is right now.

There’s the creeping charlie in bloom in the front yard (you’ll also see redbud tree blossoms, which are more purple than red, which is fine with me):


And the wild violets in bloom in the backyard:


I guess I can’t help but speak up for the purple weeds because they are free, low-maintenance, and don’t grow as fast or as tall as grass so need less frequent mowing. And when you do mow you get to experience the fresh fragrance of the violets.

But I suppose I should find it embarrassing to post photos of the weeds in my yard, especially when I have nice flower gardens in my front yard.

So to end this post with some semblance of normality, here’s a photo of some intentional purple, in the form of phlox, in my front yard:


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