Two or three years ago an interesting group of people came into my life.

They have been a welcome reprieve to spend time with by a fire on a winter night after shoveling snow, bursting with energy in the spring, relaxing to be informed by on the sun porch summer evenings as the fireflies appear and entertaining in the aftermath of an afternoon of heavy raking in the autumn.  Sometimes they are just with me when I mop the floor or bake a cake in my kitchen.

This group includes the mayor of our city, Monona, the council members, various city employees and citizens who attend the city council meetings each month.

I am not in need of extra people in my life.  Living in a modest ranch home as part of a family of seven, several teenagers included, I was not looking to fill my time or people to keep me company.  But the addition of this group has filled a void I did not realize I had.

On voting days I stand in the booth more informed and educated than I ever have before.  My decisions are made with thought and understanding provoked by the voices at the meetings. All in exchange for giving a little time in the comfort of my own home to a group of people willing to give so much more each month.

When I first started viewng the city council meetings my teenagers told me nobody watches those meetings, Dad.  One of them suggested only old people did.  Another went on to say that I, their Dad, was an Old Guy.

Lately I have had company watching the city council and school board meetings.  Although it will be denied by any red blooded teenager.  Under the guise of doing homework at the kitchen table or relaxing a few minutes on the porch our teenagers have sat in on some of the televised meetings.  They express their own views and ideas in our conversations, but the thing that surprised me the most was overhearing them defend or explain a decision being made in Monona to visiting friends in our home when topics came up after school.

Two or three years ago I opened the door to an interesting, diverse, group of people here in Monona.  Glad that I did.

City council and School Board meetings may be viewed on CABLE TV Channel 98

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