While making the park rounds during spring break when we had all that warm weather, I noticed that a couple of the Monona parks have a layer of black rubber pieces underneath the playground equipment.

So that set me to thinking, of course.

Using this rubber is a cool idea because it provides a soft surface without the mess of sand or the slivers from wood chips.

Then I noticed my daughter’s purple Crocs while she ran across the rubber chips and I thought: why not chop up used Crocs and use that as an alternative to the black rubber?

Crocs wear out quickly and don’t make for good hand-me-downs.

It would be a way to keep Crocs out of the landfill… and out of closets.

The kids would love the colorful array of rubber on the playground.

Anyway, just yet another silly idea that has popped into my head while spending time at the Monona parks.

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