During the past couple of years I’ve developed a habit of visiting the Taco Bell in Monona once or twice month, usually with a daughter or two in tow.

I do this not because the food is extraordinary… although their tostadas hit the spot… but because the service is exceptional.

Everyone who works there is friendly and not at all a stereotypical fast food employee. There’s one employee in particular who stands out.

If you dine regularly at this Taco Bell you probably know who I’m talking about. His name is Tellie.

Thanks to the service there I could say that when I visit this Taco Bell I’m not actually buying a tostada, Wild Cherry Pepsi, and two kid’s meals with crunchy tacos… I’m buying an experience.

This young man always recognizes us and smiles and makes eye contact during the transaction at the counter.

Then he usually insists on delivering our food to the table when it’s ready so that I don’t have to.

As we eat he checks in on us and delivers mints and wipes and offers to carry away our trays. He does the same at all the other tables. I’ve often heard the people at the other tables express awe at how remarkable this young man is.

He provides as much, if not more, service than a waiter at a restaurant even though he doesn’t earn any tips.

I once talked to the manager about this young man and he says that he is having a positive effect on all his co-workers as well.

Visiting this Taco Bell is always a nice reminder that life’s too short to phone it in… it’s possible to be remarkable no wonder what kind of job or circumstances you’re in.

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