Something has been keeping me up at night. Although it’s my own doing I blame the Monona Public Library. They are too good at lending out books.

A little more than a year ago I began to devour any fiction and non-fiction I could get my hands on. It began as a means of determining what is out there andgetting to know the publishing market.

Since then it has grown to a mania finding a tower of books at my bedside. Like most people I have a limited amount of time to devote to reading. So I have been staying up at night, often.

The Monona Public Library has been compliant with this new mania of mine. Through their Linkcat Site they have been glad to provide me with hour after hour of midnight entertainment–and a fair amount of sleep loss.

Through the library I have read countless titles this past year. None of them were purchased. Last August while vacationing on Cape Cod I found myself in a bookstore having to purchase a book. The owner of the store asked if I was a ‘critic for the Times’ because I had read so many titles. I told him no–just a patron of the Monona Public Library.

Recently I came upon an article about a family who have become book critics. Their story is exciting to read.

And here’s a fun article with ideas on how to create reading nooks in your home.

If you are looking for hours of free entertainment visit the Monona Public Library and Linkcat. Enjoy and happy National Library Week!

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