My youngest daughter and I have spent inordinate amounts of time at the Monona Library the past couple of months.

I’m surprised they haven’t started charging us rent.

Which brings me to the first reason I love the Monona library:

It makes cabin fever so much more bearable.

I work from home as a writer so I would take my netbook to the library, sit in my usual spot on the bench by the aquarium, and type away while my daughter would ask the children’s librarian for assistance in finding books.

Here are 9 other reasons why I love the Monona Library:

The library bears something of a resemblance to the Starship Enterprise. I like Star Trek (especially Star Trek Voyager), so this is a good thing.

This makes my walk to the bench by the aquarium feel like a walk to the Bridge (the command center) on the Enterprise. :-)

The library is my living room away from home. This is a lot cheaper than building an addition onto our house.

The library has a lot of computers. There have been a few times my computer was temporarily out of commission so the ability to go to the library and use the computer to check email and take care of business was a godsend. So this makes it an office away from home too.

Plus, because I use laptops at home all the time, I enjoy using the library’s desktop keyboards because they are noisier than a laptop keyboard and make me feel nostalgic.

My daughter loves using the children’s computers. It’s also great how the library even has laptops available for people to use in the library.

Library fines are cheaper than Netflix, cable, and ordering books from Amazon. It seems I can’t go a month without paying a fine of some sort but I always pay cheerfully because, thanks to my library card, I don’t have to buy many books.

Also, paying the fines is like paying them the rent I feel I owe them. :-)

There’s a fireplace! It’s always a treat to walk into the magazine room, grab several magazines, and sit in front of the fireplace and read them.

This room is enclosed and is always quiet.

The fireplace really is a nice perk. How many other libraries have that?

Picking up holds feels like Christmas. When a book on reserve is waiting for me on the hold shelf, it’s always a little thrill.

I also like that the hold shelf is now self-serve and no longer behind the counter.

There are TWO self checkout machines. Many libraries don’t have any self checkouts but Monona library has two.

The only thing that would make the self checkout machines more slick is if you could use your debit card at the machine to pay fines.

But paying fines gives me the opportunity to interact with the friendly library staff behind the counter, so that’s OK.

There’s a snack room. I don’t care so much about the snacks but my children do, especially when we walk home from the pool in the summer. It’s nice to be able to sit in air conditioning for a little while and eat a treat.

I’ve sometimes used the snack room as a place to talk on the phone in peace with a client. So it has served as a conference room away from home too.

There’s a teen area. Actually, it’s not so much the teen area itself that I think is cool… it’s that my teen daughter doesn’t get embarrassed when I sit in one of the chairs next to her in the teen section.

Now that I’ve written this I’m starting to wonder why I ever bother to visit other area libraries. 😀

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